The controversial feud is back on between Mickey Rourke and Robert De Niro! Check out what happened.

Mickey Rourke finally came up with his thoughts in front of Robert De Niro on Instagram on 17 July, friday and called him a “f—— crybaby.”

Rourke has written mentioning Robert De Niro that he should not be shocked that he is talking to him and called him a big f—— crybaby. He continued by mentioning that one of his friends recently told him that a few months ago he was quoted as mentioning to newspapers that Mickey Rourke’s a liar and that his talks are all s—.'”

Rourke then said that he was the only tough guy in the movie and that he was the only person who has tagged him as a liar, that too in a newspaper and he felt really bad about it.

He then addressed him as a punk ass and informed him that at the time he saw him, he could swear to God on his Grandmother, on his brother and all his dogs that he has thought he will embarrass him very badly and God has witnessed him doing that.

Rourke also focused on one of their popular and latest public arguments at the time RRourke was goona appear on an Italian TV show.

The show is directed by Marty Scorsese and he wanted to meet him for a movie along with Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Chris Walken and Robert De Niro.

Rourke, added that he required some money urgently. Moreover, he also added that he no longer looked up to De Niro in the way he used to: “Now I do not have the same views for him like I used to; I look through him,” Rourke said.

In addition he also said that he has come from such a place that De Niro can’t even think of. And he didn’t even tried to explain him anything.