Tales Of The Walking Dead to see Alpha Villain Returning

Tales Of The Walking Dead Signs Daniella Pineda

Tales of the Walking Dead is an upcoming American television series. It is a post apocalyptic horror drama anthology series. The show has signed Daniella Pineda for joining the cast.

About the Tale

Channing Powell is the creator of the series and the show is set to premier on AMC in middle of 2022. Along with Pineda, the show has already made announcements disclosing the cast. The cast includes Anthony Edwards, Parker Posey, Terry Crews, Poppy Liu and Jillian Bell.

Cast of the Tales of the Walking Dead
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This tale is the continuation of the chronology of related shows. They shows include The Walking Dead then Fear Of Walking Dead. Next to that, it includes The Walking Dead: World Beyond then Talking Dead.

It is based on the comic book series which has the same name. The series of books is by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard.

Projects Of Pineda

Besides this show, Pineda is going to appear in Jurassic Park: Dominion. In that film, she will be playing the same role which she was playing in Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom. She is also seen in The CW’s The Originals and The Detour of TBS. Further, she was also seen in the live-action name Cowboy Bebop of Netflix.

UTA, Kristen Ames Management and Schreck Rose are representing Pineda.

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AMC’s Focus On Tales Of The Walking Dead

According to the interview with Variety, Tales of the Walking Dead was all set to debut in this summer in AMC and AMC Plus. They made an announcement that they had started their development of the in September 2020.

The AMC’s Chief Operating Officer Ed Carroll said that the tales will be like a test kitchen for them. He means to say that if an episode reaches a good mark, the motivation for that could reach to another spin-off.