Selena Gomez confesses about her true feelings regarding anxiety and depression! Check out what she had to say about taking help.

Selena Gomez has always talked about mental health on her social media. Even recently, the singer shared her thoughts about anxiety and depression and with this, she also asked everyone to reach out for help if they feel either of the two. According to Gomez, everyone should take care of their mental as well as physical health.

She said that people should reach out and seek professional help if they suffer from any mental illness. Along with sharing about mental health, the singer also talked about how she herself takes care of her own mental health and the way she deals with it.

To elaborate more about what she said, the singer also shared her personal experience and how she dealt with anxiety and quarantine days. So let’s dive deep into Selena Gomez’s words and know about her experience.

Selena spent a lot of time pampering her mental health in this COVID-19 situation. During the quarantine days, she learned a lot of new stuffs and it was a totally new experience for her. Selena put back all her works and made taking care of herself a priority, which was indeed a good decision.

Quarantine gave her a lot of free time, which she enjoyed spending with herself. And she had a great time, the singer followed all the precautions given by the government and didn’t go out at all. While having so much free time, she consumed most of the time in learning new things and gaining knowledge about different subjects.

Talking about anxiety and depression, the singer told that although these are two different subjects, but are co related. The singer herself went through this situation in past but came out much better after getting well.