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Sand, Beach and Sun: A Perfect Time for Couples as Many Celebrity Couples Spotted Making Out in Public

You know like, it is very common in Hollywood couples to hide the relationship in beginning but after sometime they do not even care about people around them. This list of id*af couples is very long. Apparently, 2020 has been really tough for everyone of us. But, there exists people for whom 2020 was more than a blessing.

The most trending couple of the year 2020 was none another than hottest duo Camila and Shawn. The couple began dating in July, 2019. well not only Shawn and Camila but Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear who are two sensational married couple of Hollywood were seen drown in love on the beach.

Camila and Shawn are also looking for accommodation in Miami according to Shawn

Both Shawn and Camila were friends 6 years ago when they went on a common tour. On one of the Netflix show, Camila also discussed about the first impression of the singers on each other. Apparently, Shawn and Camila were quarantined together in Miami. Shawn and Camila used to spend some time with Camila’s parents too. No doubt, that the couple’s bond has just became stronger in pandemic. They also used to spend time together making music and videos. Some of those music and videos were shared by the couple on their official social media handles.

Below is a video from a year ago in 2019 when couple was spotted for the first time making out in a pool.

AS for Emily and Sebastian the couple literally could not get their hands off on the beach

2020 was blessing to them too as they revealed in the same year that they are looking to welcome their first child. They were scene spending time together on the beach in The Hamptons, New York. Emily, also keeps on sharing some of the very wholesome photos with her husband.

Apart from that, Dua Lipa and Anwar Hadid  were also scene spending their new year on Mexico’s beach.

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