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Is Young Sheldon Soon Going To Bring Up A Dark Chapter From Sheldon’s Childhood Days?

Spinoff series Young Sheldon has been an instant hit right from its release as fans et to relive the childhood days of our eccentric genius Sheldon Cooper!

The Spin-Off Series To Soon Bring Up A Never Seen Before Incident From Sheldon’s Life?

While the two series are not really identical in every way, however, some incidents in the Sheldon arc are too important to miss out and it seems like one of the most tragic parts from Sheldon’s life is soon going to make its way into the spin-off series soon.

We are talking about the part where Sheldon’s father George gets involved in an extramarital affair which goes on to damage his and Mary’s relationship in the longer run. Sheldon has mentioned this part in the original series, he mentions to Penny how he once accidentally sees his dad with another woman. This is the reason why Sheldon knocks thrice every time.

The Fourth Season Of Young Sheldon Sheldon Drops Some Subtle Hints About It!

This part is an important part of the whole story and we are sure that creator Chuck Lorre will be getting into it and how it will go on to worsen the situation between him and Mary who were already hitting a rocky road in their marriage.

While the part has not yet come up in the series yet, but there were some subtle indications of it in the fourth season where George did not mention anything about San Antonio for his coaching conference, it was accidentally disclosed after his coworker blurted it out. Is this  a beginning of something that is going on in George’s life that fans might soon get a glimpse of? 

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