Robert Pattinson Talks About ‘The Batman’, Calls it a Detective Story That is Intense and Sad

The actor has returned to larger-than-life roles

We are less than a month away from The Batman‘s release, and the hype is unreal. In a special interview with GQ, lead star Robert Pattinson has given major insight into his character. Check out what Pattinson had to say about the character he wanted to play so bad.

Robert Pattinson as The Batman

The Batman
Warner Bros.

Pattinson said that he had seen a rough cut of the movie on his own. He revealed that the first scene was so different that the movie gives a different vibe from the get-go. Then he recalls the time director Matt Reeves said at their first meeting about making a ’70s noir detective story.

Robert said he felt like an idiot because he never knew Batman was also known as ‘the world’s greatest detective.’ However, any person not familiar with the comics are only knowledgeable about his skills in fighting and technology. Pattinson said that here he has conversations about crimes, and emotional scenes as well.

Then comes the Bruce Wayne persona. Bruce is not a playboy in this movie, and is reclusive and more nihilistic. He doesn’t have the confidence that was displayed in other movies. He always looks one second away from a nervous breakdown.

Bruce’s trauma

The Batman
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Pattinson went on, and spoke about Bruce’s trauma. In the other movies, it was described that the death of his parents made him Batman. He wanted to break it down and wanted to show why he thought Bruce became Batman. It was an intricate construction of a new personality, that was made over years. It was almost like a drug addiction. He shared a scene in the movie where Bruce tells Alfred that Batman is his family legacy. If he didn’t do it, there’s nothing else for him.

Bruce doesn’t question his own ability. Instead he questions the city’s ability to change. The only way that could happen was for him to dress up as a bat and strike terror in the hearts of criminals and the corrupt.

The Batman release on theatres worldwide on March 4.