Paul Dano Required Around 200 Takes For a Particular Scene in ‘The Batman,’ Director Reveals

The movie is out worldwide as of March 4th

The Batman is out, and is already termed as one of the best Batman movies ever released. Director Matt Reeves nailed his assignment, and so did the brilliant cast and crew. The movie offers a far more realistic touch to the Dark Knight, even more than Christopher Nolan did. It is dark, gritty, and has a detective story at its score. But the director has not sacrificed action either, as just about everything you have seen in Batman comics is present here.

In this article, we will talk about Paul Dano, and how he took around 200 takes to perfect a scene.

Matt Reeves talks about Dano

Warner Bros.

Reeves and cast members have been feeding various anecdotes to the fans in their promotional interviews. And in one such interview, Reeves spoke about Dano’s performance. In one scene, Dano insisted on doing hundred of takes with different styles to nail it. This was the scene where Batman is at Gotham’s City Hall and Riddler video calls him.

Reeves revealed that Riddler was doing this one-person recording on an iPhone. Dano, a director himself, brought his innovative and creative mind to the set that day to make sure he does his role perfectly.

Dano’s other idea

Warner Bros.

Dano himself had tried saran wrap as part of his costume on the first day of shooting but it ended up being very uncomfortable as he could not breathe properly. Reeves spoke of that incident, saying Dano’s face was beet red by the end. Afterwards, they poked holes in the mask. The idea was to make Riddler a different vigilante, with a homemade costume. It is clear that the idea worked, because this is the Riddler’s most terrifying interpretation ever.