Paris Hilton reveals that she was sexually assaulted when she was in boarding school! Check this out.

Documentaries take us deep into the life of the person it is made on. Recently, an amazing documentary film on Paris Hilton got released, and if you wish to watch it, it’s also available on youTube. The documentary introduces us to the true and real Paris Hilton.

This is Paris discloses all the personal life experiences of her life in front of the audience. This also includes the description of time when she allegedly got sexually assaulted while she was at her boarding school based on Utah, named Provo Canyon.

In her recent media interaction, Hilton talked about her decision to make the documentary and the conversation also lead to her opening up about her dark past life. However, the intention behind making the documentary was to clear the rumours prevailing about her in public, that is she is a socialite who later turned into a reality star. And Hilton revealed that in midway during the filming the movie took a turn which was totally therapeutic and unexpected.

While she was on a tour to Korea, she was really depressed thinking about her life and thus decided to reveal all her past trauma to the director. And according to the ex reality star, she felt really relaxed after sharing her experiences of past and her feelings.

However, sharing these things was not an easy task for her. Many a times while sitting in the editing room she wished to stop everything. She got nervous and didn’t wish to disclose her story to anyone.

Hilton said that while she was in her boarding school, some of the staffs there used to humiliate children and dominated them to get naked. It was a tough time for her since she had to go through physical and mental abuse.