Oscar winning actor Denzel Washington’s mansion is news due to recent incident. Read below to know more

The mansion of Oscar winning actor Denzel Washington is reported to have a fire accident. But when the firefighters visited the spot there was no fire spotted but the smoke was coming from the 2nd floor.  Although, no one was hurt and everybody is safe there. For now, it is not quite clear whether the actor was at home or not.

The smoke was spotted to come from production company of the actor in Beverly Park community, Los Angeles. In fact, the crew also responded at 41 Beverly Park Circle around 8:05 p.m. and they discovered smoke coming from 2nd floor of the mansion. Brian Humphrey, a worker at Los Angeles fire department also said that there was not visible flames but only smoke. The mansion is about 28,887 square foot mansion and is four-story.

Moreover, for confirmation, firefighters also used thermal imaging cameras to search fire within the walls at the mansion but everything was fine. The reason of smoke was recently serviced furnace.

Denzel Washington’s home at Beverly Hills is perfect for a king like him

This mansion was even in news when Denzel brought it  from Michael Eisner.  He is a Chief Executive Officer of the Walt Disney Company. It features a pool, a tennis court, a beautiful fountain and much more. The special perks of the mansion does not end here, it includes 8 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. It also features a 4-acre park!!! yes you read it correct! A FOUR-ACRE PARK.

For those who don’t know who is Denzel Hayes, he is an Oscar awarded actor. He has won two Oscars in his whole career till now. Denzel is also one of the versatile actor in Hollywood. He turned 65 in December, 2019. Moreover, he is still active in his filmy career.