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Mr Bean A.K.A. Rowan Atkinson has officially said that he won’t be playing the role of “Mr. Bean” anymore

Before 30 years, the best character of any sitcom was given to us and it was known as “Mr. Bean”. Since then, Rowan Atkinson became famous not by his name but by the name of “Mr. Bean”. The dumbest and the sweetest character called “Mr. Bean” became everybody’s favourite.

Not even the kids of that time, but the kids of 20s are also found of the character. The sitcom was originally created by Rowan Atkinson himself along with Richard Curtis. The sitcom only had 15 episodes and these number of episodes were enough for the audience to laugh.

However, recently Rowan Atkins said that it is now personally very stressful for him to play the role of “Mr. Bean”

This statement by Rowan Atkinson broke million hearts of every “Mr. Bean” fan. Not even the eldest of human being but a kid also know that none can play “Mr. Bean” better than Rowan.  In a chit chat with Radio Times, Rowan said that he don’t like the wait of responsibility he feels while playing the character. He said that it is easier to play the character vocally than visually. However, the relief is that Rowan Atkinson also said that he will certainly continue to give voice to the cartoon character.

Further, he also added that the only character he enjoyed playing was Blackadder. He also said that he never like the process of making anything. But Blackadder was exception, luckily. Blackadder was another sitcom which was first aired in 1983. The sitcom has total 4 series and ran until 1989.

“Mr. Bean” also got two movies and the animated series for children was launched in 2002. “Mr. Bean” also appeared live in 2012 Summer Olympics’ opening ceremony.

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