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Meghan Markle’s ex best friend Jessica Mulroney has decided to speak up after two months since the feud!

Jessica Mulroney, the best friend of Meghan Markle has appeared for the first time in the last two months. Both the friends had a little dispute due to which their relationship got hampered. However, neither Jessica nor the Duchess of Sussex said anything about this publicly. But now finally Jessica has opened up with her feelings. So find out what she said below:

Jessica Mulroney posted a picture of herself and her daughter Isabel on her Instagram account on 13 August 2020, Thursday. Along with this, the Canadian Stylist also revealed about her upcoming project through her social media. This has created a lot of curiosity and hype among her fans and people just can’t wait to see what it is.

Her project was regarding marginalized communities across Canada and it will help the communities a lot. She said that she has just finished up with this project that she has been working on since the past few months. And she seemed to be in full zest for the successful action of the project.

However, she didn’t elaborate much about the details of the project. But she asked her fans to send her computers if they have any and it’s not in use. Well, you know what the best part is, just within one hour of this post around 1500+ computers were donated. Isn’t it great? Yes it is. And even Jessica was really happy and she announced the news with super enthusiasm. However, the project still needs more support for which she asked her followers to keep helping.

Jessica and Meghan had a dispute about the importance of speaking up but now it seems that everything is quite normal. And we hope that the friends get together soon.

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