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‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ is gearing up for the upcoming DNC with guests Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders!

With the upcoming Democratic National Convention, the show will be covering some political topics

A Late Show with Stephen Colbert is going to go live next week, a time when the Democratic National Convention is also starting. Host Stephen Colbert had returned to his studio office this week, and the show is now about to start doing virtual interviews considering members from political parties.

The Guests

On Monday, the guest was Susan Rice, considered by Joe Biden as a running mate. Tuesday’s guest will be Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), on Wednesday, it will be Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), and on Thursday it’s going to be Hillary Clinton. Biden is also going to accept the party’s nomination on Thursday.

The show will also be going live when the Republican convention starts the next week, and will soon be announcing the guests. Colbert joked about the new decisions, saying, “It’s a technical nightmare and an emotional minefield.”

Last Monday, he revealed that he was going to return to his office in the Ed Sullivan Theatre after being away for five months due to the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. “Tonight, after five months, I’m back in my office at the Ed Sullivan Building! Unrelated question: how long does desk drawer egg salad keep?” The hilarious talk show host wrote.

Colbert had done The Colbert Report back in 2016 during the last presidential campaign for bringing a little humour before all the rallies and assemblies start.

Meanwhile Colbert’s Late Show won’t be the only show covering the upcoming elections. The Daily Show With Trevor Noah that airs in Comedy Central will be expanding to five nights a week for this week and the next so that they can cover both conventions.

(Cover: CBS)

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