Martine McCutcheon Reveals her CRUSH!!! Click to know about the man she was a LITTLE in LOVE with!!!

Martine McCutcheon spoke about the person she was in little love with. The actress said that she had a little crush on her co-star of ‘Love Actually’, Hugh Grant. She also said that she is still in touch with the actor. Check out the blog post to know more about it!!!

Martine McCutcheon 'in love' with Hugh Grant during Love Actually | Daily Mail Online

Martine McCutcheon talked about her crush who was also her co-star:

Martine McCutcheon, 44, revealed about her crush who was also her co-star of “Love Actually”. The actress said that her chemistry with Hugh Grant, 60, was something more than friendship. Martine McCutcheon played the role of Downing Street secretary Natalie while Grant appeared as the Prime Minister in the show.

Martine McCutcheon Admits to Falling In Love With 'Love Actually' Co-Star Hugh Grant

What Martine McCutcheon said about Hugh???

Martine McCutcheon said that Hugh Grant has always been her crush. She also admitted that when she was about to shoot her first scene, she was very nervous. While speaking about her first scene she said that she had to run to Grant at the airport and had to strangle him and she was very nervous and afraid that she would knock him out. Speaking of the generosity of Grant, Martine McCutcheon said that he is very generous, kind, encouraging, and wanted her to shine.

She also spoke about Hugh Grant’s comeback. She said that she was so inspired by his villainous role in his TV comeback in “The Undoing”. The actress also said that she is still in touch with Hugh.

The actress once in an interview said that when the two last met, she saw Hugh very happy and she thinks it is mostly because of his home life and being a father to five children. While talking about her last meeting the actress said that they had met a couple of years ago when he was given an award. After that, they are in contact through tweets and messages.