Lourdes Leon gets Candid About her Relationship with Mother, Pop Icon Madonna

Madonna, a “control freak” mother

In a recent interview, Lourdes Leon opened up about her relationship with her mother Madonna and described her as “Such a control freak.”

American singer and songwriter Madonna is a celebrated name globally. Lourdes is the oldest daughter of her six kids. On Thursday, while chatting with her mother’s friend Debi Mazar for Interview Magazine, Lourdes reflected on her childhood days with her mother.

Early days of Lourdes Leon

The 25-years-old said that her mother has always controlled her life. She felt the urge to be independent from her mother as soon as completing high school graduation.

Lourdes Leon | Instagram

And her journey of being independent started when she paid for her college and apartment without any financial help from Madonna. In that interview, Lourdes also revealed that they never got any handouts from their mother.

Explaining Madonna’ parenting she said that her mother has saw those kids of other celebrities and always believed that her kids are not going to be like them. Lourdes added that if parents pay for their kids it gives them kind of grip over their kids.

Madonna’ advices to Leon

Talking about life lessons, Leon got some good advices from her mother too. She revealed, Madonna said her that it is not the money or the face or how hot she looks, it is about what she is bringing into the world and what she is leaving behind. Madonna wanted her daughter to be known for what she wants to be not only for her looks.

Lourdes Leon | Instagram

Lourdes further revealed that she got support from her mother in her modelling career too. Speaking of career, Leon said she thinks that modelling is a smart decision financially. She enjoys being hands on with those campaigns she does. In 2018 she made her runway debut. The model said they people might think she is a talentless rich kid who got everything but Lourdes said, she is not.