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Looks like Terry Bradshaw Going Stir-Crazy in Quarantine in the New ‘Bradshaw Bunch’ Trailer!

The docu-series will be debuting on September

NFL legend, sports broadcaster, and occasional actor Terry Bradshaw is slowly descending to madness in this lockdown period in the new trailer for Bradshaw’s upcoming docu-series called The Bradshaw Bunch, which will be releasing on Thursday, September 17.

What’s the show about?

The show follows the life of Terry and his family- wife Tammy, his daughters Rachel, Lacey, and Erin; and his grandchildren. The series will show them as they are and brings out their hectic and chaotic life during quarantine in rural Oklahoma in all its glory.

In the minute long teaser, we get to see the Bradshaws pulling pranks on each other, doing something stupid but funny, and having sweet life moments on the side. We get to see Terry agreeing to walk one of his daughter’s down the aisle, to seeing him dressing up as a unicorn by wearing a unicorn cap and a skirt, as well as seeing him rehearsing for an ad about erectile dysfunction.

The 71-year-old patriarch dresses up in other ways as well, like a pair of reduce-off shorts, a tied t-shirt and a cowboy hat. We also see the household flying in a hot air balloon, racing on hopper balls, and also a clip where a shirtless Terry in a wig is trying to seduce Tammy. This is a family that’s always engaged in something crazy. Even Terry’s stepdaughter Lacey states at one point that “Having Terry Bradshaw as your dad is crazy.”

As Terry says in the clip, “You never know what’s going to happen in life. The one thing you can always count on is family.”

The Bradshaw Bunch will be premiering on Thursday, September 17 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on E!.

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