Lady Gaga is all set to be Featured on ‘America’s Most Wanted’ as Dognappong Incident is being Covered

America’s Most Wanted is one of the longest-running show still airing on TV. America’s Most Wanted is hosted by John Walsh. The long-running show is all about bringing justice to the victims. It shows the criminal activities and how they were solved with justice being prevailed over them. The show started in the year 1988 and is still going strong. It has a total of 25 seasons to watch and enjoy.

In March 2013 the show was cancelled but the good news for fans it is revived in 2021. The show is back with a new host that is Elizabeth Vargas. The show will begin with fugitives and their justice for the victims.

Lady Gaga dognapping story to feature in America’s Most Wanted

In recent times America’s Most Wanted has set up its eyes on Lady Gaga’s dognapping case. Just in case if you were living under the rock Lady Gaga French Bulldogs were dognapped. Lady Gaga has three french bulldogs name Gustav, Koji and Asia. Lady Gaga is deeply attached to the three of them. Gaga offered a prize of $500,000 for the people who will safely return her three Fench Bulldogs.

Lady Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fischer was shot during the attempt of her dog robbery. The singer’s two French bulldogs Gustav and Koji were stolen but Asia managed to escape from the robbers. The Dogwalker was critically injured due to the shot in the open streets.

On America’s Most Wanted, the host Elizabeth Vargas will show its viewers all the struggle and the surveillance footage that lead to robbers. America’s Most Wanted will also go with the format of addressing its citizens against such dangerous acts and how to cope with them.

The show’s objective has consistently been solving all types of cases with America’s assistance. America’s Most Wanted keeps its theme intact over the years.