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Kristin Cavallari has Enough of Everyone Interfering in her Life as the Star took Social Media to Lash Out

Kristin Cavallari took Instagram to shut the rumors of her romance with Austen Kroll. The famous television personality, fashion designer and actress said that she was not allowed to make friends that are guys. Kristin was married to Jay Cutler in 2013 but then in 2020 the couple announced that they are divorcing. She have three children from Jay. The 33 year old actress has always tried keeping her personal life away from media and fans since her divorce.

Certainly, fans has always observed friendship between Kristin and Austen. Recently, he also commented on Kristin Instagram picture where she is wearing a bikini. This was the main reason fans began rumoring about her relationship with Austen.

Moreover, both Austen and Kristen were vining together lot in picnics and on Instagram lives. That is the main reason why fans started doubting.

On 13th December, Austen and Kristen had a great time with Justin Anderson and Craig Conover. Justin is celebrity hairstylist and Craig is one of Austen’s co-stars. Further the following day four of them took Instagram live and were dancing together on Taylor Swift’s “Mean”.

In fact, Austen has also explained it number of times that he and Kristen are just good friends. It is just like a group of some old friends who like to enjoy each other’s company. But people out there wants make everything a “Hot News”, this is what Austen meant [maybe indirectly].

Austen also revealed that she [Kristen] came to the town with her friend Justin. Thereafter four of them had dinner and ever since they are in contact.

However, earlier this month she was spotted with comedian Jeff Dye. Both of them were spotted kissing each other. Clearly, both of them have spark between each other.

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