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“We Should Uplift our Women” says Offset slamming Snoop Dogg after he criticized Cardi B’s ‘WAP’.

Offset stand for his wife Cardi B when rapper Snoop Dogg criticized Cardi’s hit song ‘WAP’ for being too explicit. In a very casual chit chats with TMZ on 12th of December, Offset told the outlet that he his big fan of Snoop. Further he added that a singer who himself has too explicit content in his own work have not right slam his wife’s content. Moreover, Cardi was also named Billboard’s Woman of the Year lately. Offset also said that he don’t indulge himself in woman’s business so when somebody else do it, he hates it.

Offset’s response came after Snoop’s interview with Central Ave’s Julissa Bermudez. He said if he was of age 21-22 eh would have appreciated and may even have remix on it but as an older man he don’t appreciate it. He said it is cool that they are doing there thing but young girls expressing themselves like that is not good. Below is the conversation between Snoop and Julissa. In the interview he also talked about Kobe and Mariah.

“Men can’t speak on women” said offset against Snoop Dogg.

Offset said that male rappers are also not rapping about different subjects either. Therefore, it is the time to support women rather than pulling them back said offset. He also said that women have started this same sh*t which male rappers do in their rapping so now it is time to uplift females. He also said that uplifting women is women empowerment and we should look after it.

It seems like that Snoop’s comment on Cardi’s and Megan Thee hit song has offended a lot of people. Moreover, Offset did not stop there and continued speaking about Snoop’s criticization.

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