Kid Rock Calls Himself ‘Uncancellable’ in New Fox News Interview

The conservative and outspoken singer continues to make bold statements

Cancel culture is an ongoing trend, and celebs are always looking over their shoulders to make sure they don’t say or do controversial things. However, singer Kid Rock says with confidence that he is not afraid. Check out what Rock had to say.

Kid Rock’s Interview

Kid Rock

Rock, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, came as a guest on Fox News. During the interview, host Tucker Carlson asked him why he hasn’t been cancelled yet. Rock is an extreme conservationist, and a big supporter of ex-president Donald Trump and the Republicans. In fact, he even launched a pro-Trump T-shirt line in 2016.

So when Carlson asked him the question, Rock said he’s ‘uncancellable’ and ‘doesn’t give a f**k.’ He continued, saying that he’s not in a partnership with any big corporations, and not beholden to anybody. He has no contracts with record companies, or has any corporate interests. He said that he cannot be cancelled, and loves it when they try.

Recent Controversies

Kid Rock in the song 'We The People'

Kid Rock is all set to release his latest album, Bad Reputation, with a list of bold songs. One of them is titled, ‘Don’t Tell Me How To Live’ and it’s basically about him bullying millennials. He refers to millennials as ‘snowflakes’ and that every opinion offends them.

In his other song “We The People,” Rock criticizes American society and President Joe Biden. He also spoke about how he is against following COVID-19 restrictions. Rock said that he will not play in venues with COVID restrictions. Let’s hope Trump holds an underground concert with like-minded people who doesn’t care about masks.