Justin Sylvester Shrug Off Jenna Bush Hager twice on Today Show to Maintain Boundaries

Justin Sylvester want boundaries set with Jenna Bush Hager!

A discussion regarding consent has been triggered by an uncomfortable moment that viewers of Today experienced.

Jenna Bush Hager, guest co-host Justin Sylvester, and guest Andy Baraghani hosted a segment on Today Food on Wednesday during which the group prepared a roast rooster. Hager leaned in to watch the dinner preparation during the part and at one point put her hand on Sylvester’s shoulder. The Today co-anchor looked to shrug off Hager’s hand as the host placed her hand to Sylvester’s alternate shoulder.

Justin Sylvester | Jenna Bush Hager

Sylvester then removed Hager’s hand before firmly pushing her aside so that she was forced to move a few feet away from his face. This was done to establish his boundaries. Regardless of Sylvester’s response, Hager then drew closer once more as she grinned for the camera. A short while later, Sylvester motioned his co-host away once more with his hand.

The unacceptable behaviour of Jenna Bush Hager towards Justin Sylvester

Would you like me to leave? Hager asked for Justin Sylvester at the first level.

On social media, viewers expressed amazement about the second incident, and many criticized the Today show host for ostensibly disregarding Justin Sylvester’s boundaries.

“This is unacceptable. She continuously touched him while brazenly invading his personal space and disobeying his request to stop. At the very least, Jenna Bush ought to be suspended, the video’s author Adrienne Lawrence said.

Justin Sylvester | Jenna Bush Hager

Another person called the video “very uncomfortable to watch” and said it proved Hager was “repeatedly getting space-invadery to the point where her co-host had to put a barrier up and then literally shove her away.” They said, “This is f**king creepy, and that smile at the conclusion proves she understands precisely what was going on.”

He seemed to be uncomfortable. Why does she constantly touching him and invading his personal space, for example? Someone asked, while someone else wrote: “Absolutely unacceptable.”

Others defended Hager on the grounds that Justin Sylvester and she appeared to be making light of the situation.

You guys are definitely going overboard, I must say. He’s making flirtatious attempts with the visitor, and he and his co-host are having fun. She even makes the joke, “Do you want me to leave,” while being well aware of his attempts to flirt with the visitor. One person wrote in the comments section of the video, “Find something serious to be furious about,” while another said, “This was all in good fun for the camera, everyone calm down.”