Justin Bieber’s Pastor Carl Lentz Faces Disgrace after his Affair was Revealed. More Details Inside

He also got fired from Hillsong after his affair was acknowledged

Carl Lentz, the pastor who baptized Justin Bieber is in hot soup currently, after he admitted to cheating on his wife of 17 years, Laura with a New York City designer called Ranin.

Ranin said that she had a serious, but secret relationship with him, who approached her saying he was an unwed sports agent. As per The Sun, Ranin, who wished to keep her last name a secret, stated that they had dated for more than five months until they broke up last week.

A fishy relationship


Lentz became a celebrity after his association with Bieber, and brought the global megachurch Hillsong to the US from Australia. But he was fired after he admitted to cheating on his wife.

Ranin shared her side of the story a few days later, saying that what they had wasn’t just a casual fling. She told The Sun that they had a deep and special connection and was very hurt about ending it. About meeting him, she said his name was Carl but didn’t reveal his last name, and said that he was a sports agent. He lied that he wasn’t married and didn’t have a ring either. But after a few dates, she asked about his marriage and he confessed to it. Despite all that, they didn’t break up.

Brian Houston, who is a global senior pastor and Hillsong’s founder fired Lentz from his position and informed the church’s East Coast congregants on Wednesday about his moral failures and breaches of trust that led to him getting fired.

Lentz got popular in Hollywood after he baptized Bieber in 2014, after having met for the first time in 2008.