Johnny Depp Opens up about Continuing to get Boycotted in Hollywood: Details Inside

Hollowness of Hollywood

Johnny Depp was forced to stop several projects last year.  He lost a  case last year against the British tabloid The Sun. He was tried in court on the basis of Wife-Beating allegations.  The court ruled against Johnny in the case and ruled that most of the allegations were true. This judgement certainly, affected both his personal and professional life.

johnny depp
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As a result Depp also exited from a lead role in Warner Bros and subsequently , delayed the release of his upcoming film Minamata.

In a recent interview conducted by The Sunday times, he opened up about the upheaval in his personal life and how it has affected his career. Furthermore, the turmoil in his life has  lead him to be boycotted by the Hollywood .

Besides this, the star was in a lengthy legal battle with his Ex-Wife Amber Heard. She accused him of being a wife-beater.  He eventually won the case against heard but the damage was done. The actor fell from Hollywood’s book of good graces. He describes his boycotting as an ” absurdity of media mathematics.”

Although The actor is gathering some support from the international film industry. The San Sebastian festival chose to honour Depp and has stood by its decision. Depp was honoured with their highest prize, the Donostia Award. The award is a lifetime achievement award and recognises the recipient for his tremendous contributions to the film industry.


johnny depp
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In his upcoming film, Depp will play the role of W Eugene Smith. Directed by Andrew Levitas, the film touches people in Minamata and those who experience similar things.

Depp plays the role of an American photojournalist. Who helped expose the horrendous impact of mercury poisoning in Japan’s coastal communities in the ’70s. Lastly, Johnny wants people to keep their end of the bargain and not halt the movie release anymore.