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Joey King reveals the she knew her fans will notice each and every interaction between her and Jacob Elordi in “The Kissing Booth 2”!

The Kissing Booth is one big show that had got ample amount of love from the fans. And it has been just a few days when the release of The Kissing Booth season 2 happened. So how is this possible that the cast members won’t be in talks? Well, well, well. Here’s one such talk with the lead actress Joey King about how it was to act with her ex boyfriend Jacob Elrodi. So let’s dive in to get a detailed view of what she had to say.

The 21 year old, a Joey got separated with her two years elder boyfriend back in 2018. Thus, for those who think that it would have been easy, unfortunately, no you are wrong. Because as said by Joey, it was really difficult for her to interact and act with her ex boyfriend, Elordi.

She also said that she knows it well that the audience will be analysing each and every moment and every particular scene very vividly to find out whether their difference can be seen onscreen too. However, she added that she doesn’t care if people do such, because she hardly cares. Moreover, she said that it was a thrilling experience for her to reprise her role as Elle Evans for The Kissing Booth season 2.

Previously also in one of the podcast that she was invited in, she said that it was a crazy experience. But she would do anything to make her character and acting look perfect. And indeed she played her character, love interest of Noah really well. No one could guess whats going on between the actors in real life.

Well, there one more interesting news for you all. And its that The Kissing Booth season 3 is also in its way up on Netflix.

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