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Watch Joey King shave off a barbie head in the Expensive Taste Test by Cosmopolitan!

The pandemic has taught us to do many things online and work from home is what we have been doing since the previous few months. But what is being missed the most is theatres. However, so what if we couldn’t enjoys new movies in cinemas, Cosmopolitan is back with its most famous challenge to entertain us. Can you guess the name of it?

Yes, you are right. I’m talking about  the popular Expensive Taste test. Well, since the Cosmo HQ is closed now, this time the test will be from home itself. So let’s see what the Expensive Taste Test – Home Edition has got for us.

So hold your breaths, because this time the test is done by the very gorgeous Joey King. Who hasn’t seen her slay in the September Cover. And this time too, she took our hearts away with all the crazy stuffs like analyzing wizard wands, eating potato chips and shaving a Barbie doll’s hair.

First of all, the test started with boxing gloves. It was quite easy for her to distinguish as she’s sly and applied a professional tactic. And she just guessed that the unfamiliar brand name would be the expensive one.

The same happened with two bags of potato chips, cotton candies and sunglasses. She was able to point out the one with higher price tag. However, when it came to a sour lip candy. She lost by choosing the cheaper one. But it is something that can happen with any of us.

Well, this was the only thing she got mistaken with. The list of items continued as she was given to choose between some Leo Necklaces, lip masks and many other stuffs. The most exciting thing happened when she shaved the head of a Barbie doll to complete the test.

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