Jaden Smith has to obey this condition by father Will Smith if he wants to move out! What is it?

The son of a famous actor and producer Will Smith, Jaden Smith who has been quite much popular not because of his father, but because of his own work in the industry. His skills in acting and rapping were the ones who eventually turn him into a new teenage heartthrob after being the main lead of “The Karate Kid”.


The world is developing quickly and is evolving close by. Individuals have acknowledged the truth that exists in the public arena and has acknowledged the characteristic contrasts that exist inside society. In the days of yore, there were not really any acknowledged standards when contrasted and the ones that exist today, homophobia was profoundly established on the planet, and in all honesty sexism.



Jaden wants to go out and Will smith gives him condition. Smith has always been the center of all the controversy recently.

Will and Jada are now living with the entire family in $42 million mansions. And of course, they certainly aren’t hurting for money. However, the interview happens back in 2013 when Jaden was almost 18 and couldn’t have repurchased his own house then. It was a matter of talk for the world.



For those of all who know Will has a dark past. According to the reports, he never wanted to leave his first wife and wanted Jada to meet her instead. Things are real messy sometimes in Will’s life, and as a dad, he doesn’t wish to Jaden to live separately and make any decisions he shouldn’t.


Towards the and of the show when Ellen asked if Jaden will live in his house soon to which Will kept his condition before even Jaden could answer. “He says as soon as I have a movie that’s bigger than one of his movies, then I have to get my own house.” So What do you think about Will’s condition?