Blood Ties: Cole Sprouse and Kiernan Shipka will be paired up in this upcoming movie! Check out all updates including release date, plot and more.

The well-known stars Cole Sprouse and Kiernan Shipka are doing a movie together named “Blood Ties.” However, both star as a couple and in the film. The duo will play the role of a couple on the run.

Based on a true story chronicled by writer Nathan Heller in The New Yorker in 2015, Blood Ties tells the story of a young couple who become embroiled in an international murder plot that spans years. It sounds like exactly the kind of true crime story that might inspire Sprouse and Shipka’s respective TV series, Riverdale and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.


Aaron Katz will direct this movie. Furthermore, the film will get produced by Fred Berger. The production team has highly skilled professionals and others. Every member got assigned to their respective task. Hence the shoot of the film will take place as per conditions decided.

It really seems like this new movie will be right up Sprouse and Shipka’s alleys. Shipka previously told Vanity Fair she enjoys exploring the dark side of life in her roles, saying, “The lighter stuff is not as fun! I like sinking my teeth into stuff.” And since Sprouse’s character Jughead spent most of Season 4 of Riverdale faking his own murder, it’s safe to say Sprouse is no stranger to dealing with death on screen.


Since Shipka and Sprouse are two of the Archieverse’s — and let’s be real, all of TV’s — biggest stars, Blood Ties is sure to make a big splash. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming movie.

Due to the havoc created by Covid-19, the production house will not put their cast and team members’ life in danger. As a result, the film will begin with its shooting in 2021. However, cast members named the public, and the poster of the movie will be out soon. Hence there is no confirmation of the release date. But according to our sources, the film will release by the end of 2021.