It seems Kylie Jenner is not at all happy with collaborating with Kendall Jenner for her beauty collection. Here’s why.

The most common thing that happens among family members now a days is comparison. Specially when its two popular celebrities, every fan comes up with his or her ideas towards the fact. And even Kylie Jenner had to go through these things. Although Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner are sisters and above all they are close friends.

A Kylie cosmetics collaboration line was released by them recently. And both the sisters were seen together celebrating the launch. The celebrity shared a video on her Instagram account in which they were encouraging their fans to go and grab the amazing collection.

Stormi, Kylie’s daughter was also seen along with them in the video. The little girl was seen wearing a black t-shirt to match her mother’s and aunt’s outfit. She also had a lollipop candy in her hand. Whereas, the twenty two year old model Kylie was showing off her midsection by wearing a black crop top with spaghetti type straps and above it she was wearing black sweats.

Twenty four years old, Kendall on the other hand chose to cover her body with a black top having full sleeves and a scoop neck. And the video was recorded by her. Both the fashionistas were seen telling that their collection is out in super excitement.

Before Kendall, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian has also collaborated with Kylie for creating a cosmetic company. Thus, Kendall was the last, yet the most awaited one. While the collection is really amazing and includes Kylie’s cosmetics lip kit, face gloss and many other cosmetics collection that you are gonna love. And the millennial girls are going crazy for the amazing collection that the celebrities has come up with.