Isle of the Dead: The spin-off series of ‘The Walking Dead’ to star Lauren Cohen and Jeffrey Morgan

The Walking Dead cast in ‘Isle of the Dead’

The news about the spin-off series of The Walking Dead named ‘Isle of the Dead’ is revealed. The AMC networks announced the news on Monday. This brand new show has Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean morgan. They are going to play their Walking Dead characters Maggie and Negan in the new series too. The set will be in Manhattan with a Post-apocalyptic ambiance.

This new series will contain six episodes. It is going to premiere on both AMC and AMC+ in 2023. Eli Jorné will be the Executive producer and showrunner. Who is the writer and co-executive producer of the ‘Walking Dead’.


The story revolves around post-apocalyptic new York City. The City is in a crumbling state full of Dead and denizens. They made the city filled with beauty, domination, danger, and terror.

Isle of the Dead-Neal character

The Walking Dead is meeting its end. So the spin-off series is taking over. But with the same couple of cast members. To sum it up, The expansion of the Walking Dead is happening now. The Walking Dead is based on the comic series with the same name. It revolves around a group of people who survived the Zombie apocalypse. It first aired in 2010 with AMC as streaming network.

Isle of the Dead- Maggie character

Now Isle of the Dead will be its fifth spinoff. The First Spinoff is ‘Fear the Walking Dead’. It is going to get it’s eighth season soon. The Second spinoff is ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ which completed last year. It has only two seasons. The third spinoff is ‘Tales of the Walking Dead’. The Fourth spinoff highlights the characters Daryl and Carol. Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride will play these characters respectively. It will greet us in 2023 in addition to ‘Isle of the Dead.’