Harry Styles Skittles incident goes as an Advertisement on L.A. Times

Skittles advertises a full page reminding people not to throw Skittles at Harry Styles

Skittles is a popular candy in Los Angeles, so they decided to launch an ad campaign there. They used a full-page ad in The L.A. Times to promote their product and increase sales.

The brand took on its latest advertisement the most recent yet funny reaction towards Harry Styles getting an eyeful of Skittles thrown at his face during a concert. Skittles announced on Saturday, November 19, in its tweet that a brand-new advertisement has been in with a “Protect the rainbow. Taste the rainbow. But please, don’t throw the rainbow,” headline. A full-page printed advertisement was down in the Los Angeles Times as well.

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Harry Styles had various types of objects aimed through his way while performing this week on his Love On Tour, where according to Billboard, chicken nuggets to an unidentified object that hit him in the groin area. Where one thing happened to be candy from Skittles, and the company straight away featured a large pair of heart-shaped eyewear in homage to Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” sunglasses, for their Triple Mint flavors of candy.

Additionally, Skittles added in its tweet “Please don’t throw Skittles” which is kind of hilarious to look at the way the brand is taking on its own campaign whether to support the singer or promote its candies.

Since Skittles has a strong fan base in Los Angeles, they decided to target this area with a promotional campaign. This move proved successful as many fans from Los Angeles contacted The L.A. Times with praise for the ad campaign and interest in trying Skittles for the first time. Skittle’s plans are always closely guarded, but this ad campaign was undoubtedly successful since it received national attention and generated new sales for the company.

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The new ad is jokingly taking over online platforms, where a few fans are feeling sorry for what happened with Harry Styles, and a few others getting a laugh at the brand in the way they are spreading it for their use.