“She Said” Passed An Impactful Message Against Violence: Review

She Said movie is out and the story talks about Sexual Abuse

In She Said, a novel-based movie about the experiences of several women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual abuse, the president’s men are spotlighted. These men, who have worked closely with Trump and have known about his past behavior, are interviewed about their experience working with Trump and the allegations against him. The film also takes a look at the history of investigative reporting and the role that female journalists have played in exposing sexual abuse.

Following the sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein, many reporters and producers in Hollywood were spurred to investigate similar allegations against other powerful men in the industry. In She Said, producer Harvey and investigative reporters Rebecca Lenkiewicz and Maria Schraders are interviewed about their experiences investigating these allegations. Their work has led to bombshell pieces that have exposed sexual misconduct in Hollywood.

A shot from She Said
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She Said is a powerful and dramatic journalism drama that tells the story of two investigative reporters, Megan Twohey and Rebecca Lenkiewicz, who uncover sexual misconduct allegations against a powerful Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein. Their work leads to a blockbuster story that has exposed sexual misconduct in Hollywood and has had a profound impact on the way that these allegations are treated.

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The closing crawl at the end of the movie tells the story of the #metoo movement and how the reporters’ work led to the exposure of the Weinstein story. These reporters were the catalysts for the #metoo movement, and their work has had a profound impact on the way that these allegations are treated. The #metoo movement is a global movement of women who have come together to speak out about their experiences of sexual harassment and assault.

The reporters, their work has led to the exposure of other powerful men who have been involved in sexual misconduct, and this has had a significant impact on the way that these allegations are treated. 

She Said felt targeted and epic at times but not wholly, while focusing on the theme of the said story and harassment the ending impact didn’t actually hit high than expected. Throughout, the movie is good to watch and has a great storyline focusing on the unheard sexual abuse in one’s society.