GoT’s Fame Kit Harington Teases of a Bigger Role as MCU’s Black Knight

Phase 4 continues to raise the hype

With Marvel’s Eternals, we will be seeing some powerful Marvel comic characters making their live-action debut. With the Eternals, another future Avenger will be debuting – Dane Whitman, aka Black Knight. Whitman will be played by  Game of Thrones star Kit Harington.

Black Knight has an integral part in the comics, so it’s very likely that his character will be set up in the first Eternals movie. Check out what Harington had to say about his character.

The Black Knight’s Future

Marvel Studios

During a recent interview, Harington spoke about his character’s future, as well as his potential romance with the Eternal, Sersi (Gemma Chan). Sersi and Dane had romantic ties in the comics as well.

Harington calls his character as “the human character of the story.” He mentioned the character not being an Eternal, but instead works with the Natural History Museum in London. But the main takeaway if of course, him not being an Eternal.

When lying is part of the job

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Harington continues by saying he has no idea about his future. It’s not common with the MCU to be very secretive about their stories, and they’re continuing it with the new cast members. Harington recalled his Game of Thrones days, saying he thought the seventh season is not going to happen while he was working on the sixth.

Harington is just one among other cast members who have had to play dumb when asked direct questions about their movies. She-Hulk‘s Tatiana Maslany had nothing much to say regarding the character, and Andrew Garfield, who is being hounded by interviewers for returning in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Harington himself had to lie in the past for over a year regarding his character Jon Snow’s death, so he can do this all day.

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