Dr. Dre’s ex wife Nicole Young justifies the $2 million she is claiming per month. Check it out.

Dr Dre and his estranged wife Nicole Young have a lot of legal issues going on between them which seems like unending now. Nicole Young has claimed for $2 million every month from Dr Dre on account of expenses for spousal support. And this is blowing off everyone’s mind, two million dollars us a huge amount to ask.


The explanation or rather a vivid elaboration of where the money will go is given below:
1) $135,000 for clothes
2) $10,000 for laundry and cleaning
3) $20,000 for internet and phone stuffs
4) $60,000 for education and living
5) $900,000 for entertainment
6) $125,000 on account of charitable contributions
7) $100,000 as mortgage for a month


This list must seem crazy to you but yes it’s true. Well, things doesn’t just end here. Nicole has also claimed that Dr Dre was violent and coercive in the past, even before marrying with her and also after that. She said that she was really afraid when Dr Dre texted her and asked why she has been ignoring her and whether he should come to see her or not. The issues got more worse when Nicole also demanded Dre to cover her attorney fees.

As per the present reports, Nicole has filed a request to the court requesting this spousal support for a temporary time. Along with it, she also wants a $5 million as legal fees. Well, the ugly divorce proceeding is still going on, the court hasn’t come to a conclusion yet.


Dre on the other hand in his defense is gonna prove the court that Nicole is asking for too much as her lifestyle isn’t changed after she filed for a divorce. However, we just wish that may the honest one gets the case in his/her favour.