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Does Black Thought use Ghost writers for the raps as claimed by Jaguar Wright? Check it out.

Recently, a serious allegation was put against the common by Jaguar Wright. In one of her live streaming videos she mentioned Common’s fellow Soulquarians such as The Roots, Erykah Badu, Talib Kweli. In addition she also made a serious claim saying that Black Thought’s raps aren’t written by himself.

Malik B and Dice Raw ghost are the writers of his songs, as per Wright’s allegations. And she said that they are the one to make all his songs successful. On the other hand, seeing Black Thought in trouble all his dear ones came to his rescue.

Young Guru was among the first ones to come up for his defense. He said in his tweet that his fans know that he never comes on internet for lame things. Thus, if he is speaking up for something it must is a serious issue and isn’t correct.

He added that he ignores a lot of things but the allegations put on Black Thoughts pen is baseless and it is something that he won’t tolerate in his lifetime. Seems like he is really upset after knowing the allegations put on Black Thoughts raps.

People are really infuriated by Jaguar Wright’s claim and thus, she has also been getting death threats, about which she disclosed in the livestream itself. This has made the situation more complex and widened the conflict between the two.

However, these controversies aren’t stopping Roots Frontman from releasing his upcoming projects, which are all highly hyped. The first project, that’ll launch is Streams of Thought Vol. 3: Cane & Abel. And Roots Frontman is really excited for the launch event. And same is the case with his fans now lets see what happens.

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