What is wrong between Jeremy And Audrey Roloff and their marriage? Is the rough patch permanent?

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy’s relationship was indeed a perfect one and people used to adore the lovely couple. But some people have come up with the view that the couple is not experienced enough to give relationship advice, they are too young for this.


The couple is parent to two children, a 2 years daughter, Ember and a 6-month-old son, Bode. While they also came up with a unique idea to earn money. The couple started blogging and giving relationship advice to people with the blog they have, ‘Beating 50 percent’.

In addition, they also wrote a book and together, named, A Love Letter Life. The book consists of their own place love life story. The book got a lot of appreciation but as mentioned earlier, many thought that they aren’t old enough to give such relationship advice.


Moreover, many of them think that the couple has put a lot of fake showoff into their relationship do that it looks perfect. Audrey on the other hand said in an interview that their only intention to write the book was to inspire, impact and ignite a lot of creative love stories. And he added that intentions and faith are the two pillars of a marriage, that should be always protected by both members of the couple.


But now it feels like things aren’t going well between them. Jeremy has always been a socioholic person and posts about his wife and children. But recently on Audrey’s birthday he did not post anything, not even a single story about her. This suggested the fans about some differences between the couple. However, Audrey posted a photograph of her birthday celebration with all her family members, even Jeremy.