Did Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian have a small holiday together before his breakup with Sofia Richie? Find it out here.

It hasn’t been even a month since Scott Disick revealed that he has broken up with Sofia Richie and, now there are news of him reuniting with his ex girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian.


They were recently spotted together on the memorial day weekend trip. As per the sources, Scott was invited by Kourtney to accompany her and her three kids, five year old Reign, seven year old Penelope and ten year old Mason to their trip to Amangiri. She did so because Scott’s presence makes the kids happy.

According to Kourtney, Amangiri is the most peaceful place she has ever visited. Thus, she wanted to take Scott there too. Even Scott has been making lots of efforts to get better and overcome her issues. This would even make Kourtney feel good to have him around.


And even Kourtney knows that Scott is doing so and she is confident that he is trying to get back to a healthy life and enjoying it. He likes to have Kourtney and his sons around him. It gives him some positive vibes. The past few months have not at all been good for him. He had to suffer through a lot of things that too alone.

In April’s end we got to know that he has admitted himself into a rehab facility. He was already mourning on the sudden death of his mother then within three months of this his father too died. Losing both his parents had been really devastating for him.


Scott was silently grieving and suffering from the loneliness and lose of his parents. Sofia on the other hand got fed up of this. This has probably been the top most reason for their break up. However, Kourtney and Scott seem to like each other’s company very much and Scott is healing. So its good for both of them.