Comedian Dave Chappelle speaks up against affordable housing plan in Ohio; adamantly opposing the project

Dave Chappelle gets enraged over affordable house plan

American stand up comedian Dave Chappelle spoke out against an affordable housing project in his hometown. During the council meeting in Yellow Springs, Ohio this week, he threatened to put a stop to several businesses he’s developing in the area if the officers in charge choose to move forward with the housing plan.

Dave Chappelle
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

The meeting, which took place on Monday, saw the authorities defeated.

You look like clowns“, Chappelle called out the village council

Further speaking on the matter, the 48-year-old comedian said the village council looked like clowns for making him audition for them. He clarified that he was not bluffing and will actually take all his offers off the table.

Reports say that Chappelle is planning to fund the development of a comedy club “Live” and a restaurant “Firehouse Eatery”.

Dave Chappelle
Scott Roth, AP

Yellow Springs and Oberer Homes were working together on a project regarding the development of homes and townhouses. According to the plan, around 1.75 acres of land would be set aside to develop 20-30 affordable housing units.

Previously, Dave and many Yellow Springs residents expressed their concerns about the project. The comedian was very much against the plan and he revealed the reason behind that.

Chappelle’s issues with the housing plan

The Chappelle’s Show host revealed that he lives behind the proposed project. He further commented that he has invested millions of dollars in the town and if the authorities agree with the housing project, his investment won’t be applicable anymore.

Dave even said that the Oberer are welcome to buy all his property as the benefactor of the town because he will no longer want to be one.

The voting finally closed at 2-2, making the decision concrete that the housing project will not proceed.