Nolan North To Voice Younger Nathan Drake In Uncharted Movie Audiobook

Actor Nolan North tied up with Uncharted movie audiobook

Nolan North, the American actor who has been far more popular for his voice acting is once again tied up to a new project. Well, it’s nothing but the upcoming movie by Sony titled Uncharted that’s going to have an audiobook too. For this reason, the actor who voiced the character Nathan Drake in the video game series Uncharted is going to add his voice to the movie audiobook as well.

Nolan North to voice all characters for Uncharted movie

North Nolan
Twitter/ North Nolan

Uncharted, the movie to star Tom Holland as a young treasure hunter Nathan Drake is soon to arrive this summer. However, it’s Nolan North who is in headlines for voicing in the audiobook of the Uncharted movie.

Nothing new for North as he has already voiced the character of Nathan Drake in the video game series Uncharted before. Additionally, Nolan would be voicing other characters of the movie too. In an interview with a leading website, Nolan confirmed voicing all the characters of the Uncharted movie himself.

North to voice younger version of Nathan Drake

Tom Holland
Twitter/ Tom Holland

Nolan has been confirmed to voice all the characters of the Uncharted movie in the audiobook, while he would have to voice younger Nathan Drake as well. Furthermore, Nolan said in an interview that he would sound a bit different to portray the younger Drake.

The American voice actor would have to voice Mark Wahlberg too who is playing Victor Sullivan. Yet his most challenging part would be to voice Tom Holland’s younger character. Moreover, the movie Uncharted is releasing this Feb on 18th while the audiobook would have to get released on 22nd Feb. Not to miss, Nolan voiced video games hit the records as they sold about millions of copies.