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Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner spend some quality time at Malibu beach! Do we see romance brewing between the two?

This has led to fans wondering if the two are dating

When two celebrities hang out, it’s normal for their fans to wonder if they’re in a relationship. And since they’re celebrities, they can’t exactly do things without getting spotted.

That’s the case right now for A-List actors Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper. The two, who acted together in Alias had been spotted enjoying a day at the beach. They were accompanied by Bradley’s 3-year-old daughter Lea De Seine, whom he had with model Irina Shayk. These photos came in the middle of Garner splitting with her boyfriend John Miller.

Just Friends (Yes, actually)

Of course, being spotted together without a third party can lead to a lot of rumours, but a source has reportedly told Us Weekly that the couple share a platonic relationship. They confirmed that there is nothing beyond friendship between the actors. “They are friends and have been forever,” said the source.

A similar statement was given by another source to Page Six and assured that the duo are just friends. They dismissed all rumours of the two dating. The main reason for the dating rumours to start circulating was because of Garner’s split with John Miller. It had been reported since February about Miller wanting to get married to Garner but she wasn’t ready for it.

There had been reports of Miller getting “uncomfortable” after Ben Affleck spoke about regretting his decisions that led to him and Jennifer getting divorced. He spoke during an interview for his movie The Way Back about his struggle with alcoholism and how it was Jennifer who insisted on him checking into rehab. He also said that he’s very happy about Garner being the mother of his children. This didn’t go down well with Miller, which could have led him to think of getting married.

The source added that Garner and Miller had parted on very amicable terms.


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