Bird Box star Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall are interested in getting married

The American-German actress Sandra Bullock and her boyfriend Bryan Randall says they are no pressure to marry. Sandra met Bryan in early 2015 when a friend suggested Sandra to hire Bryan to snap photos at her son’s birthday party. Since then, the couple has been in a relationship. Moreover, there are have been a news that Bryan is very protective for Sandra’s children. He also helps her managing her professional and personal life all together.

The relationship between Sandra and Randall is too wholesome to put a guarantee tag like “marriage”

Sandra adopted her son in 2010 when she was in marriage with James. She and her ex-husband kept the news private until Oscars in March 2010. After her separation with her husband, she continued the adoption of her son. In 2015, she adopted a daughter and appeared on the cover of  “People” magazine. Both Louis and Laila are 10 and 8 years old respectively. Moreover, Randall is deeply committed to Sandra’s children and care about them a lot since day one.

In fact, sources have also said that Sandra keeps on discussing with her friends about making her relationship official. Certainly, Randall also said that it will be a great idea to exchange vows and it will be really good for the kids too.

Who is Bryan Randall?

Well Bryan is a model who turned into a professional photographer. During 90s, he was modelling for Harper’s Bazaar, Saint Laurent, Vogue Paris and Hugo Boss. Bryan is a father of 25 years old daughter, Skylar. He was in relationship with Janine Staten in past.  He also runs a firm called Bryan Randall Photography.

Well, for now there is not fixed date on which Sandra and her handsome boyfriend will engage. But, sources has always said that Bryan wants more children with Sandra. In fact, since Bryan has never been in a marriage, it is quite possible that two of them may tie the knot someday.