Amber Heard may be lying about Johnny Depp giving her bruises during her affair! Was it Elon Musk?

We are back with more updates related to Captain Jack Sparrow aka Jhonny Depp and his ex wife Amber Heard’s ongoing court case. According to the news the latest session of there hearing was held recently. One of the building staffs of the actor’s house at Los Angeles suggested in the hearing that it must be Elon Musk and not Jhonny Depp who gave cuts and bruises to Amber Heard’s face.

Two members of staff who worked at their LA Penthouse have put these allegations on Heard. The lady used to live in the in 13th floor of the building.

Trinity Esparza, the manager said that she didn’t see a single mark on Amber’s face after the incident. The incident that she was talking about was when Depp threw a mobile phone at her on 21st May 2016 when there was a blazing row.

Owner of the concierge company situated at the exclusive Eastern Columbia building Miss Esparza,  said that she used to see Amber Heard almost daily after the incident of phone throwing happened. And she said that she did not see any mark or injury on her face.

Miss Esparza sometime during those days also asked Amber Heard about which moisturiser did she use and how is her skin so smooth and flawless. There has been a lot of people speaking in favor of Depp and he has also presented some evidences regarding his innocence before this. But the final jurisdiction is still pending.

There has been allegations on Depp that he had been practicing domestic voilence and had hit Amber Heard on several occasions. But what actually happened is not known yet. We hope that both of them get justice and the court gives a fair decision.