ABC’s ‘Grand Hotel’ season 2 in Progress? Or Closure?

ABC’s drama, based on  Miami beach hotel”Grand Hotel” is a hot new Tv series airing on Mondays. Official Producer, Eva Longoria, will present to us a hot new dramatization set against the setting of a Miami Beach inn. It will base on the family who possesses the business, the staff who run it, and the … Read more

Hasta la Vista Arnold: All about Arnold Schwarzenegger on his 72nd birthday.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an Austrian-American actor and a producer. He is also a businessman, investor, author, philanthropist, activist, and former professional bodybuilder and a politician who turned 72 today on July 30, 2019. Arnold, when young, used to go to theatres to have a look at the big muscular bodies of the bodybuilders of the … Read more

The Red Blood Bat is back in a female version Batman! Mystery of the Batwoman trailer released.

Directed by Marcos Siega, the trailer of Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman is released where Ruby Rose plays the role of a female version Batman. The show will release on October 6, 2019. The poster of the series has got the authentic red blood bat logo. But, after watching the trailer, it looks like the … Read more

A Unique Story of a physicist, who helped to get the girl’s murderer behind the Bars! Thankful Father!

Keya Dharamvir is no ordinary Indian physicist. Her reputation as a researcher of Punjab University and her work on nanosciences is not just the end of the list. More than her area of expertise, it is her approach and application of science, that makes her stand out more. Professor Dharamvir, despite her inexperience in criminal … Read more

Is everything alright in the British Royal family? Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Ever since their wedding, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are very popular among the public worldwide. A member of the royal family revealed to Vanity Fair that Prince Charles has become closer to Prince Harry than ever and is on his way to forge a lovely relationship with the duchess. The member of the royal … Read more

A Unique journey of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in “Man Vs Wild” with Bear Grylls!

The infamous show is featuring Bear Grylls, ‘Man Vs. Wild’ went on to become more attractive as India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a new, exciting and indeed a bold step to get featured aside Grylls. Shot at the spot of Uttarakhand’s Jim Corbett National Park, the episode focused on wildlife conservation and issues related … Read more

13 Reasons Why Coming This Winters, Netflix Confirmed When The Show is Coming or Still Unsure?

Netflix popular teen drama 13 Reasons why by Brian Yorkey is set to return for its third season in 2019 Netflix original popular American teen drama ‘Thirteen Reason Why’ which left its mark from the very beginning when it first aired in March 2017 is to return this year with its third installment; however, the … Read more

Good news for all the PS4 lovers, DOOM is coming to PS4 ?!

Today, DOOM, DOOM II and DOOM 3 have been released onto Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4 by Bethesda Stealth. And there are rumors that the DOOM classic is on its way. The Pan European Game Information (PEGI) rating board has leaked that Bethesda Stealth is going to bring DOOM 64 to PC and PS4. … Read more

Jennifer Lopez fascinating life at 50: The Godmother, Birthday Bash with fiancé Alex Rodriguez. What next…Marriage?

Jennifer Lopez recently celebrated her 50th birthday party, and it is everything that you hoped it would be. The celeb shared behind the scenes snippets from her star-studded birthday on her YouTube and Instagram page.   View this post on Instagram   WE FROM THE BRONX, NEW YORK ✨🗽A different view of last nights celebration… … Read more