Catering Christmas (2022): A Heartwarming Romantic Comedy Filled with Holiday Cheer!

Catering Christmas (2022) – Romantic Christmas Comedy Starring Merrit Patterson and Daniel Lissing

Are you ready for a heartwarming holiday treat? If you’re a fan of romantic Christmas comedies, then you’re in for a real treat with “Catering Christmas.” Starring the talented Merrit Patterson and Daniel Lissing, this delightful film is set to bring joy and laughter to your holiday season. Get ready to be swept off your feet as we take you through the enchanting story of this upcoming movie.

The Plot

In “Catering Christmas,” we follow the story of Molly Frost, a young and aspiring caterer who receives a life-changing opportunity. Molly is hired by Jean Harrison, the perfectionistic director of the renowned Harrison Foundation, to cater their annual Christmas Gala dinner. Little did Molly know that this event would be the catalyst for love and adventure.

Finding Love in Unexpected Places

As Molly embarks on her catering journey, she finds herself falling for Jean’s nephew, Carson. Carson, a talented photographer, has always shied away from taking over the family’s foundation. However, fate has other plans for him as he is assigned to ensure the catered dinner goes off without a hitch. Sparks fly as Molly and Carson work together, navigating the complexities of their blossoming romance amid the holiday festivities.

Challenges and Discoveries

Of course, no romantic comedy would be complete without a few bumps along the way. Molly and Carson face various challenges that put their relationship to the test. From unexpected mishaps in the kitchen to personal insecurities, their journey is filled with both laughter and heartfelt moments. As they overcome obstacles, they discover the true meaning of love, family, and the holiday spirit.

The Cast

Merrit Patterson as Molly Frost

Merrit Patterson brings charm and charisma to the role of Molly Frost. With her infectious smile and relatable personality, Patterson captures the audience’s hearts as the determined and passionate caterer. Her performance is sure to leave you rooting for Molly’s success and happily-ever-after.

Daniel Lissing as Carson Harrison

Playing the role of Carson Harrison, Daniel Lissing showcases his talent as a versatile actor. Lissing’s portrayal of a man torn between his own dreams and family obligations adds depth and complexity to the character. His on-screen chemistry with Patterson creates a captivating romance that will have you swooning.

Why You’ll Love “Catering Christmas”

If you’re a fan of holiday-themed romantic comedies, “Catering Christmas” is a must-watch. Here’s why this film should be on your radar this holiday season:

1. Heartwarming Storyline

“Catering Christmas” delivers a heartwarming storyline that will make you believe in the magic of love and the holiday spirit. Follow Molly and Carson on their delightful journey as they find each other amidst the chaos of holiday preparations.

2. Fantastic Chemistry

The chemistry between Merrit Patterson and Daniel Lissing is undeniable. Their on-screen connection will have you rooting for their love story from the very beginning. Get ready to fall in love with their characters and the undeniable sparks that fly between them.

3. Laugh-Out-Loud Moments

With its comedic elements, “Catering Christmas” guarantees plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. From kitchen disasters to humorous misunderstandings, the film balances romance and comedy perfectly, creating an enjoyable viewing experience for audiences of all ages.

4. Captivating Performances

Both Merrit Patterson and Daniel Lissing deliver captivating performances that bring their characters to life. Their talent and dedication shine through, making “Catering Christmas” a memorable and engaging film.


“Catering Christmas” is set to be a delightful addition to your holiday movie lineup. With its charming storyline, talented cast, and moments that will warm your heart, this romantic Christmas comedy is not to be missed. So gather your loved ones, grab some hot cocoa, and get ready to indulge in the magic of “Catering Christmas.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will “Catering Christmas” be released?

The movie is scheduled to be released in December 2022, just in time for the holiday season.

2. Where can I watch “Catering Christmas”?

You can catch “Catering Christmas” on Great American Family, the cable network known for its heartwarming Christmas movies.

3. Are Merrit Patterson and Daniel Lissing a real-life couple?

No, Merrit Patterson and Daniel Lissing are not a real-life couple. They are talented actors who portray a couple in the movie.

4. Is “Catering Christmas” a family-friendly movie?

Yes, “Catering Christmas” is a family-friendly movie that can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages. It contains heartwarming moments, comedic elements, and a positive message.

5. Are there any other holiday movies from Great American Family?

Absolutely! Great American Family is known for its extensive lineup of holiday films. They offer a wide range of heartwarming and family-friendly movies to enjoy during the festive season.