Ikea is working with Sonos on a hidden speaker built into art you hang on the wall

Hidden Speaker

Ikea and Sonos are beginning to prod the following items that the two organizations have teamed upon. The furniture monster today posted an Instagram story that straightforwardly makes reference to the “Symfonisk” line and blazes the Sonos logo toward the end, so there’s little uncertainty that new equipment is not far off. Two new filings have likewise quite recently shown up at the Federal Communications Commission.

The Verge can solely share subtleties on what’s coming. The principal new item, shrouded in this documenting, is a redone adaptation of the Symfonisk table light. It’s required to be sold for around a similar cost ($179) as the first item, which essentially stuffed the sound nature of a Sonos Play:1 into the body of light.

However, from what The Verge comprehends, the $99 Symfonisk shelf speaker — the most reasonable entryway into the Sonos stage — isn’t expected for any significant updates. All things being equal, the second item that Ikea and Sonos will declare in 2021 is totally new: a piece of divider craftsmanship with an incorporated speaker.

Sonos Ikea

companies like Soundwall have delivered craftsmanship speakers previously, yet it’s protected to accept that Ikea and Sonos are focusing on a value point that is significantly lower than those costly items.

The Verge has seen an early picture of this item, codenamed “Titan,” yet insights concerning how it capacities couldn’t yet be learned. In particular, it’s indistinct whether the whole work of art print is the item or then again if the speaker unit can be moved between various outside craftsmanship lodgings. One of the two new FCC filings from Ikea and Sonos is for a “wireless module.” At a distance, it could seem as though any of Ikea’s divider prints, just with considerably more tech on the opposite side (and a force line running down from the base).

The entirety of the Symfonisk items so far have been planned in view of a double reason. The light consolidates a speaker and light source; the shelf speaker can in a real sense be utilized as a rack when mounted to a divider. Furthermore, they’re likewise intended to mix into the home stylistic layout. From that point, consolidating craftsmanship and a music speaker appears to be a characteristic movement for the Symfonisk series.

I’ve heard from a reasonable number of Sonos clients who utilize the Symfonisk shelf speakers as back encompasses for Sonos’ Arc and Beam soundbars. They function admirably for that reason, yet a sound system pair of divider workmanship speakers could make for a significantly sleeker home theater arrangement.

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