Rent a Girlfriend: We Finally have Release Date for the Romcom Anime Series

High school rom-com is a great entertaining content and when it is in the anime form the enjoyment increases. However, ‘Rent a Girlfriend’ can’t be categorised into a typical rom-com but it is indeed really interesting. Both the main characters in the play are seen flying off into the sunset. The show makes us hate the central character by making us aware about him being a constant loser in everything he does.

Thus, it’s unconventional to take the story into being a romance genre one. However, the show has a huge number of fans just because of standing out and bringing up a different kinda content for the audience rather than the usual romantic ones. So if you watched the first season till the very end you must be wondering when will the season two arrive? Well, in that case, here we have some good news for you.

Release Date

Season 1 of the drama released on 11 July 2020. It had twelve episodes that completed streaming on 26th September 2020. Ever since the first season ended fans have been eager to know about the upcoming one. Although the actual release date hasn’t been announced yet but Rent a Girlfriend season 2 is expected to land on the streaming service by fall 2021. We will surely update you with the release date when it’s available.

Credit: The Cinemaholic

How to watch the English dubbed version of Rent a Girlfriend?

First season of Rent a Girlfriend is available on Crunchyroll with English subtitles although the audio will still be in Japanese.


The plot for season 2 isn’t known yet. However, fans are wondering whether Kazuya will alter his ways in season 2 or not?

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