My Hero Academia : The Dark Secrets Behind the One For All Users is Finally Explained

A power that was passed due to necessity

In season 5 of My Hero Academia, we got to see both the heroes and villains going through major developments. The first part of the 25-episode season showed us the heroes while the final episodes were all about villains. We got to see Izuku Midoriya unlock a new power yet again. No, this wasn’t him figuring out how to use One For All without hurting himself. This was an entirely different quirk that belonged to a previous user.

A dark quirk

My Hero Academia

The history of One for All is one of pain, as All Might reveals to Izuku and Bakugo. He revealed that some of the past users weren’t even chosen to be successors, similar to Izuku. It was more of a last minute change. The purpose of the powerful quirk was to put an end to All For One’s tyranny.

The new ability Izuku unlocked accidently during the fight against Class B was the Blackwhip. It belonged to Daigoro Banjo, the fifth user of One For All. Bakugo calls the quirk weak, and not worthy of someone who has One For All within them. All Might agrees with him, saying that it was passed down as often as possible so that All For One doesn’t find it.

Not getting to learn

My Hero Academia

Unlike All Might and Izuku, the previous holders weren’t lucky to learn the quirk. They were almost immediately stuck in a brutal fight with All For One, which resulted in them passing it down to the next person. It started with All For One forcefully transferring it to his own younger brother, and now he’s looking for the opportunity to take it from Izuku.

Expect to see Izuku learning the other quirks within One For All in the future as he takes the final fight back to All For One. Season 6 of My Hero Academia arrives in 2022!


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