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Citrus: Though the Studio is Tight-Lipped About the New Season, It might have Dropped a Hint for the Fans! Check Out the Details

Hit anime series Citrus gained a somewhat positive response from anime fanatics, however, we are still waiting for the upcoming second season but it seems like the wait is going to be a bit longer than fans expected in the first place.

Is Anime Series Citrus Returning For Season 2 Anytime Soon?

While there has been no new update about this particular anime series and the studio is quite tight-lipped about any the second season of this anime. While it does takes some time to create another season given its technical enormity, anime lovers sure are eagerly waiting for an update.

The story revolves around Yuzu Aihara, who suddenly has to adjust in a strict all-girls school while leaving her fashionable past life behind only to discover that the hardworking student council president Mei Aihara is not only her classmte but her stepsister! However, that’s not the end as there’s another twist upfront in the story!

There Has Been No New Update About Any Further Season Of Anime Series Citrus!

Things get all the more complicated for Yuzu when she starts to develop romantic feelings for her stepsister making things as they get to know each other with time. As the two start to know more about each other in time, the confusion goes on to increase between the two!

The anime series has received somewhat mixed reaction as some frowned over the content and theme of the show while several others praised for their bold portrayal of various complexities of love and desire. While the first season was released and ended back in 2018, there are still many loose treads on the story, so a second season might just happen after all!