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Hilaria Baldwin Responds to Accusation of Fake Spanish accent, Blames Everyone for the Scandal

Celebrity weddings are always one of kind for fans as every couple try to do something different and then becomes the biggest story for media tabloids, Alec Balwin and Hilaria Baldwin’s wedding was also one such joyous occasion as the pair decided to get in touch with Spanish roots.

Hilaria Baldwin Faces Major Backlash For Exaggerating An Accent!

Hilaria Baldwin has come under the negative backlash from fans after many accused her of using an exaggerated accent and some even said that she might have lied about her Spanish culture and roots which is largely offensive for immigrants of colour and other marginalized communities.

The whole fiasco is trending on Twitter where one person wrote that she is amazed to see Hilaria’s could keep up with her decade long act  where she impersonates a Spanish person! The whole social media has gone into a frenzy as the whole fiasco has turned into a major controversy, some have even claimed that they knew Hilaria for a long while but were not accustomed with her accent which was not there earlier.

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The Pair Had A Spanish Themed Wedding Back In 2012!

The couple shared the holy matrimonial  vows back in 2012 at Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in Manhattan, with the wedding embracing the readings of English and Spanish and even the attire of the attire, had some accessory from the Spanish culture.

Their wedding had a tinge of the beautiful Spanish culture. This new controversy has given way to the wedding memories as well and many are accusing the fitness star to be displaying shameful behaviour by lying about her origins. Hilaria Baldwin is yet to comment on this rising social media rage.