Blue Period : Five Reasons to Look Forward to the Netflix’s New Anime!

The art of realizing truth

Pablo Ruiz Picasso once said, “Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.” In Blue Period, the truth is still being discovered. As a senior in high school, Yaguchi has to decide soon which university he will apply to. Even so, he hangs out with his friends, watches football, enjoys a beer and a cigarette, and scores good grades in class. However, he senses that something intangible, yet vital, is missing. However, things started to change in the beginning of the manga.

It started with an encounter. Nonetheless, he is transfixed when he sees a painting in the art room by one of the upper class students. However, this is not the kind of day that satisfies him. As a result, he paints a city street using blue tones. Eventually, he realizes he wants to be an artist.

Setting Records and Responses

The Blue Period manga has gained a lot of positive attention in recent days. Winning the awards and breaking records for its outstanding plot and psychology. Now, the Netflix announced Blue Period anime. Since then, many reviews have been published.

In summary, the Blue Period captures the period in Pablo Picasso’s early career when he painted everything in blue. Additionally, Pablo Picasso’s life, in which he painted in different blues and blue-greens as a result of his depression.

Blue Period

Here are 5 reasons to look forward to watch the blue period

1. The freedom behind art

Yatori’s excitement at having the freedom to let his imagination run riot when he picks up a paintbrush is thrilling to watch in this manga. Furthermore, it also holds the attention of the other art students in the school. Additionally, some girls call him ‘that delinquent’ because of his piercings and dyed hair.

2. A well written transition

Yatora’s story begins with four colour pages that set the theme and mood. In addition, it is well translated by Ajani Oloye, who effortlessly manages to explain a painter’s technique and maintains the high school banter.

3. Contributing Characters

There is an evident love of art in this manga. Additionally, the paintings of the characters are created by contributing artists. Moreover, their drawings are the work of a real artist.

4. A better competition

In every creative field, there will always be someone better or at least someone whom you perceive to be better than you. Manga, on its own, illustrates such elements well.

5. An amazing start

This first volume from Blue Period is informative and interesting. Moreover, it provides some insight into art as a structure. Also, the anime will provide an insight into life as a young man decides what to do with his life.

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