ANIME LOVERS!!! ‘Yona of the Dawn’ Renewed for the Second Season? Details Inside!


Anime lover??? Obviously yes, then only you are here. After reading the heading you definitely know what the article is about. In this article, you will come to know all about Season 2 of your favorite anime ‘Yona of the Dawn’, also known as ‘Akatsuki no Yona’. Scroll down to know the latest details about the second season!

Yona of the dawn season 2

When was the first season of ‘Yona of the Dawn’ premiered???

The first season of the anime was premiered back in 2014 on the 7th of October. By March 2015, the first season was over leaving the fans waiting for the renewal of the series.

The fantasy-romance anime received direction from Kazuhiro Yoneda. Above all the anime is based on the manga with the same name and was welcomed gladly by the fans of the manga.

Since the release of the first season, fans are crazily waiting for the second season. And if we look at the source material of the series there are chances that the series will get a renewal. There is a vast material for the series to follow and it can make many seasons.

Yona of the dawn season 2
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The plot of the anime:

The plot of the fantasy-romantic anime follows the story of Yona, a young princess whose life changes after she turns 16.

Do we have any official announcement regarding the renewal of the series???

Unfortunately, there is no official announcement made by the production crew about the renewal of the series. However, there are a lot more chances for the series to get renewal as stated above. Much plot and questions are left unanswered for which season 2 is a must.

Since we don’t have any official announcement regarding season 2. So we cannot guess the release dates and other factors related to season 2. However, we can hope for the best and expect the producers to give us any news as soon as possible.

Yona of the dawn season 2
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