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ANIME LOVERS!!! JoJo Part 6 has been confirmed officially??? Check out the blog post to get updates about season 5 or part 6 of the famous anime JoJo

The good news is that the famous anime JoJo has been officially renewed for Season 5 or say Part 6. Well, if you are an Otaku you have heard Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures and this marks the highpoint of the anime. The anime is vigorously popular and fans are earnestly waiting for part 6 of the anime to be released. To get the latest updates about your favourite anime, check out the blog post!!!

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6': Release Date, Characters (Joylene and Hermes) and everything you need to know!

Has JoJo renewed for part 6???

The sixth part of the famous anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures has got its official nod from the makers of the anime. The last season of the anime series titled ‘Golden Wind’ was ended in October in 2019. With the end of the fourth season, fans are earnestly waiting for the next season to get released.

Title of Part 6:

Part six or the fifth instalment is titled ‘Stone Ocean’

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Staff Reveals How Season 6 Can Happen

Release Date of Stone Ocean:

No official release date has been announced by the anime makers for the upcoming seas0on. However, we can expect the anime’s new instalment to hit the screens in 2021. The delay is expected obviously as the pandemic had halted the entire world. Let’s pray for Season 5 or part 6 to be released sooner.

The trailer of Part 6:

Well, there is no trailer unveiled of part 6 of the anime. Hope we will get it sooner along with the announcement dates.

The storyline of the anime:

There are eight parts of the manga and all the parts focus on eight protagonists.

The adventures and twists in the anime will definitely be worth waiting. There is not very much information unveiled officially hence, we can wait and do speculations.

Till then stay tuned with our website to get latest updates of your favourite animes.

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